Epsilon Team real estate was founded in 2010 by Evita Eleftheroudaki and Esmeralda Papagiannopoulou, aiming to offer unprecedented services for that time to clients, buyers, sellers, and tenants. From day one, the focus has been on people rather than property, resulting in those who entrusted the company and had their needs met remaining loyal to the team to this day.

At Epsilon Team, there are no ordinary employees among our associates. They are all licensed real estate agents with thorough knowledge and members of the Athens Attica Realtors Association. We don't just sell properties; their owners do. We provide comprehensive services (evaluation, technical and legal support) to facilitate the sale of a property, consistently maintaining this approach from the outset.

We are the first agency since our inception in May 2010 to provide permanent legal advisory support to all our clients through the specialized law firm of Paraskevas Liartis - Stavros Nikiforakis & Associates, which deals with real estate transactions. A firm that has resolved countless issues for our clients, even when the services that created them believed they were unsolvable.

We participate in all appraisals, evaluation, and negotiation seminars of the Athens Attica Realtors Association, as well as those of CEPI, the European organization of specialized realtors to which we belong.

We collaborate with offices of similar caliber in all European capitals and have clients from all over the world.

In 2024, we inaugurated our collaboration with the architectural consultancy firm TTZ Group in Dubai, to find investment opportunities with high returns for clients with varying capital sizes. TTZ Group collaborates with all developers in the Emirates, knows the legislation and the required specifications of a property for our client's investment to be secure, and can propose properties of all kinds and for every budget.

If you are interested in a secure investment with high returns in Dubai, the investor's paradise, with low taxes and no hidden fees, contact us for detailed information. Truth from all sides is a prerequisite for a successful transaction, and we do not negotiate this truth.

We are a boutique, not a factory.
And that's our choice.

Evita Eleftheroudaki


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