We started in 2010, at the beginning of the great financial crisis and we were trained in the difficulties.

We focus mainly on the customer and less on the property so that those who trusted us and met their needs, remain loyal to our team, recommend friends and relatives and thus expand the chain of our happy customers.

We do not sell real estate. We offer services in order to sell a property. And we do this consistently from the first day of our operation.

As much as we are interested in the property, we are also interested in the person who owns it or who wants to buy it. Our goal is to meet his need in the best and fastest way.

That is why we work together.

  • We work with the customer.
  • We work together in our team.
  • We cooperate with all licensed brokers in the area where we are located or looking for the property.

We are the first office that since its first day of operation has permanent legal advisory support for all its clients, from the law firm specialized in sales and purchases Paraskevas Liartis - Stavros Nikiforakis & Associates. An office that up to date has solved countless problems of our customers, even though the services that created them thought they were intractable.

Our ads are always proportional to the property we want to sell and never mass.

We participate in all Greek and foreign real estate promotion portals but also in all social media through which we make most of our sales.

However, we do not advertise all properties everywhere. We select the target group of buyers of each property and make a special promotion program, different for each property.

We are members of the Association of Realtors of Athens Attica and participate in all seminars they give on estimation, evaluation and trading. We are also members of CEPI, the European organization of specialized brokers.

We work with offices of a similar level in all European capitals and have clients from all over the world.

A prerequisite for a successful purchase is the truth from all sides. And we do not negotiate this truth.

We are a boutique, we are not a factory.
And this is our choice.

Evita Eleftheroudaki


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