The advertising campaign for our properties in 2024

We started last year when we revamped our website to keep you informed about where we advertise your properties, and we continue to ensure you are always updated.

When you call our call center, one of the things our receptionist will ask you is 'where did you find us?' It is the tool with which we conduct monthly statistical research on which portals yield the most for each type of property. We rely on these statistics and based on it, we allocate our annual advertising budget.

For 2024, our advertising budget will be distributed, according to the performance ranking of the media during 2023, as follows:

  • Instagram video, reels, carousel, posts & stories: Have been our number one tool for property sales and rentals to both domestic and international clients. If you haven't been following us until today, do it now: instagram.com/epsilonteam.1
  • James edition: The largest luxury real estate portal, and more, in the world. On this portal, approximately 35% of our property visitors are Greeks, 30% Europeans, 20% Americans, 8% Australians, and the remaining percentage is distributed across Asia and Africa.
    To get an idea of the audience distribution on this portal, take a look at the statistics of a property within Athens that we advertised on James Edition last week, priced at €2.950.000.
  • Spitogatos.gr, tospiti mou.gr, spiti 24.gr: All three of these portals belong to the same multinational company and operate both domestically and internationally. Especially spitimou.gr operates extensively in the UK and Switzerland. However, it is not possible to publish separately on each one. A property that is not listed on Spitogatos.gr cannot be published on the other two.
  • Google my business: Performed very well throughout 2022.
  • YouTube: With visual material showcasing beautiful properties, it generates significant inquiries from various countries.
  • XE: Efficient for budget and very affordable properties.
  • Linkedin: For special properties, mainly commercial and high-performance properties.
  • TikTok: The platform is gradually maturing in the Greek market. Suitable for explanatory videos and useful tips. Our profile's paid advertising did not yield results in 2023; however, considering that the platform is emerging, and large American real estate agencies are advertising, we hope it will soon pay off in our country, and we are actively providing it with material.
  • E-akinita: A portal that should capture the interest of Greek buyers, given that it only publishes listings from legitimate real estate agents who are members of the Association of Realtors of Attica Athens. It is the only portal where you can be sure not to encounter fraudulent ads, and there is no risk of deception, as all members are certified by the Association. Although it does not offer paid advertisements, it is a reliable platform for both sellers and buyers, provided that the agent they entrust with their property or request is a member of the Association.
  • Facebook: Very low performance for paid advertisements, but because it is now a traditional SOCIAL MEDIA platform, we will continue to advertise. It is the same company as Instagram, but the performance difference in paid advertisements in the luxury real estate sector is significant.
  • Newsletters play a significant role in our sales, sent to our clients approximately every two months. While they may not purchase the specific properties featured in each newsletter, it serves as a good opportunity for everyone to remember to visit our website and contact us whenever they have needs.


  • Ferimmo, targeting the German market: We had tried it again in 2022, but at that time, it did not yield results, either because it was a new portal or because we hadn't listed the right properties. The key to promoting a property is the correct placement on portals based on the audience they attract, and this is something offered to us by their statistical data.
  • KATHIMERINI TIS KYRIAKIS - BLUE PAGES: For many years, we advertised in the blue pages of KATHIMERINI; however, after 2020, when online media proved highly effective, we abandoned it. Another reason was the deadlines for ad submissions and the lack of statistical data. Now, postings on KATHIMERINI are done electronically through SPITOGATOS, which is perhaps the most technologically advanced portal, being owned by an American multinational. Thus, we have decided to give it another try. This will cater specifically to older buyers and tenants who are not familiar with electronic media.
  • MER ET DEMEUR: A French portal primarily focused on seaside properties. We started using it at the end of November 2023, so we cannot provide statistics on how it operates. However, we decided to try it for the few but select seaside properties we manage.

However, above all, our most effective advertising is our reputation, our innovative services like Epsilon research, TSEK of Teiresias, our permanent legal support from the specialized law firm "P. Liartis - S. Nikiforakis & Associates," our blog https://propertistas.com/, and our genuine and professional approach to our clients throughout the 14 years we have been active in the field.