Plus Services

Every year we try to add a new service, in order to make the buying and selling process easier and safer, as well as to remove services we offered in the past but they did not serve you.

The most important services we will offer in 2023 are the following:

  1. Advisory legal support: from the law firm Paraskevas Liartis – Stavros Nikiforakis & associates, specialized in sales. They answer all the legal questions of our clients, even questions that many lawyers cannot answer due to other specializations. It is a service we offer since 2010 when we started as a real estate agency.
  2. Financial Solutions: by the top expert Stelios Philippakos. Whether it's advisory or procedural, the number one negotiator in the Greek banking market and beyond, coordinates bank loans and payments, advises you on the processes you need to follow to regulate your loans in the best possible way and to free up your properties for sale. If you are interested in this specific service, please contact us so that we can put you in touch with him.
  3. TSEK (Tiresias Risk Control System): A service we added in 2022 and we will definitely keep. This service secures the owners who offer their properties for rent. Our office has been registered to Tiresias under an annual paid subscription. It concerns the check of the creditworthiness of the tenants. Since the rental properties we are handling are usually of high value, we ensure to the owner the smooth payment of the rentals.
  4. Epsilon Research: A service for busy buyers and renters. We undertake to find the property you are looking for by thorough research as well as by cooperation with the majority of the real estate offices in the city. Your duty: to meet and give us a detailed brief, so that we can locate the ideal property at your convenience. Our duty: to work with those colleagues who handle properties that meet your criteria, to find out the addresses on your behalf, to sign the cooperation orders with the colleagues stating the name of the client on whose behalf we are searching, to visit the prevailing properties and to send either by a short video or by photos, the actual representation of the property, pointing out in detail its real positive and negative elements. If you decide to visit after our resume, you will be charged by our office. If the property is managed by another partner, then he will be paid by the owner. This service is offered for properties sold for over €300,000 and for leases over €1500.
  5. Seismic Non-Destructive Inspection: We collaborate with a company that, with the latest technology machinery, inspects the durability of the property you are planning to purchase in case of an earthquake. The determination of the mechanical characteristics of the materials and the quality characteristics of the construction can now be done without excavation, without damaging the columns, using modern machinery. Call us to introduce them to you.
  6. Unofficial appraisals: These are appraisals that we offer to our clients in writing but free of charge. Necessary elements for the unofficial appraisal are the autopsy on the property, the exact square footage and legalizing documents of the property (property titles) as well as the full details of the owner.
    The informal estimate form is as follows:

    Unofficial Property Appraisal