Our properties advertising campaign for 2023

If you call us, one of the things our secretary will ask you will be "where did you find us". It is the tool with which we do monthly statistical research on which portals perform the most for each type of property. We rely on this statistic and share our annual advertising budget based on this statistic.

For 2023 our advertising budget will be allocated, in order of media performance during 2022, as follows:

  • Instagram video, reels, carousel, posts & stories. It was our number one tool for real estate sales and rentals to domestic and international clients. If you haven't followed us yet, please do so now: instagram.com/epsilonteam.1
  • James edition: the largest luxury real estate – and not only -portal, worldwide. On this particular portal, approximately 35% of the visitors to our properties are Greek, 30% European, 20% American, 8% Australian and the remaining percentage is divided between Asia and Africa.
  • Spitogatos.gr, tospiti mou.gr, spiti 24.gr. All three portals belong to the same multinational company and operate both in Greece and abroad. Especially spitimou.gr works a lot in the U.K. and Switzerland. However, it is not possible to post separately to each one. A property that is not published on Spitogatos.gr cannot be published on the other two.
  • Right move: The largest and most effective portal for British clients and those looking for real estate in U.K. and in Europe in general.
  • Google my business: very good performance throughout 2022 to domestic customers.
  • YouTube: : with visual material of nice properties brings significant requests from different countries.
  • XE: efficient in cheap and very cheap properties.
  • Linkedin: For special properties, mainly commercial and performance properties.
  • TikTok: It is slowly maturing in the Greek market. Suitable for explanatory videos and useful tips. Our paid profile ad didn't work in 2022, but since TIK TOK is growing and big American brokerages are advertising, we hope it will work in Greece soon, so we keep on feeding it with new material.
  • E-akinita: a portal that should monopolize the interest of Greek buyers, since only legal brokers and members of the Attica Athens Realtors association are entitled to publish on it. It is the only portal where it is guaranteed that you will not come across scammers' advertising and you are not at risk of being scammed, since all members are certified by the Association. It does not offer paid advertising, but it is a reliable tool for sellers and buyers, provided of course that the broker to whom they assign their property or their demand is a member of the Association.
  • Facebook: Very low return on paid ads, but since it is the most traditional sm tool, we will continue to advertise. It's the same company as Instagram, but the difference in performance of paid ads in the luxury real estate sector is huge.

The newsletters that we send to our customers approximately every two months also play an important role in our sales. They may not buy the specific properties shown in the newsletter every time, but it is a good opportunity for everyone to remember to visit our website and get in contact with us.

However, always and above all, the most effective advertising is our reputation, our innovative services such as Epsilon research, the TSEK, our permanent legal support from the law firm "P. Liartis - S. Nikiforakis & Associates", specialists in buying and selling, our blog PROPERTISTAS.COM and the true and professional treatment of our customers, during the 13 years that we have been active in the field.