Epsilon Team's PLUS Services

At Epsilon Team we undertake properties on the condition that their owners know the benefits of having the sale handled by a professional broker and that is what they are looking for.

We do not push extortionately and we don't take over real estate for free.

The right procedure to reach the immediate sale of a property requires knowledge, plan and a budget. Only amateurs or opportunistic brokers, without a professional license, or a membership card of the Association of Brokers of the region to which they belong, undertake the sale/lease of a property free of charge.

Unfortunately, the type of amateur or occasional broker is widespread in the Greek market. Many offices have hundreds of workers under one license. People who neither know how to determine the price of the property nor how to prepare and execute the sales plan. People who are not trained during the year like all legitimate realtors are trained by their Association, they are not informed, they are just thrown into the battle of finding real estate every day for a minimal fee.

When we take over a property, we always inform the client of the preparations he must make in order to complete the sale. That is why, from the day one Epsilon Team was created, we had exclusive cooperation with a law office specialized in buying and selling.

We also inform of the price at which the property can be sold, without embellishing situations. If we do so, we will all come out damaged. The client/owner will not sell and we will be branded as bad realtors who failed.

We communicate our properties in many ways.

  • With newsletters to interested customers from our clientele.
  • Through social media (Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin), where we maintain professional accounts and where we advertise with paid listings most of our properties.
  • On Greek real estate portals with simple or distinguished (VIP, GOLD) ads.
  • On jamesedition.com, the internationally famous portal exclusively for luxury properties.
  • In rightmove.co.uk, the British portal with millions of international users every day.
  • On Google via Google my business.
  • To the fellow brokers of Attica. We cooperate with all the members of the Attica Athens Association of Realtors without exception.
  • To colleagues from real estate offices in European capitals with whom we have been working for years.
  • In investment funds with which we have signed special contracts.

Last but not least, we post all properties for sale/lease on our own website, which we upgrade every 4 years in order to keep it fully updated to latest technology.